Do I need a CDN?

Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) can provide a myriad of benefits. For nearly all websites, this is something we provide for free.

Traditionally, if a user in Australia wanted to access content from a site hosted in the USA, the user would suffer from a slow or latent access to that content. This is less than ideal.

By using a CDN, your content is being added to a global network of computer servers that serve your site's content according to the user's location. If you are using Amazon's CloudFront, for example, your content is available in over 150+ locations worldwide.

By using a CDN, these global visitors would see load speeds similar to local websites. As this could possibly save 5+ seconds for global visitors of your website, this could dramatically increase active & engaged users while decreasing bounce rates. Plus, this may increase the SEO for your global audience.

If your site ever receives a viral spike in traffic, a CDN can save your site from crashing. The last thing you want is an overloaded server when you're receiving loads of great traffic! By offloading resources from your origin/host server to a CDN, this helps avoid network & hardware limitations, which can also save on hosting costs.

Attackers trying to bring down your site will have trouble tackling a CDN network. If one node goes down, traffic is redirected to the next nearest location. Your content is duplicated & protected.

Overall, a CDN can help keep your site globally dependable, fast, & secure. If you have any questions, let us know!