Why your site needs SSL or 'https'

These days, SSL encryption should be provided on your website, by default, for free. Unfortunately, some providers either don't provide this or charge you ridiculous fees.

Google has made a few changes that have made SSL essentially a requirement for any website. SSL is what gives your site its' 'https' in the web address. Here are some of the reasons why you need this enabled:

  • Google's Chrome web browser now displays security warnings to users attempting to access sites without SSL.

  • Sites without SSL are penalized in search rankings. Your SEO scores will be lower.
  • SSL actually provides much-needed encryption for your site & users.

When users connect to a site without SSL, the data being sent is easily readable & modifiable by hackers looking to exploit the connection for their own benefits. This could mean stealing login credentials, payment details, or modifying any kind of information that might sent or received though a site without SSL encryption.

We are happy to see these enforcements from Google, as this helps provide a safer online experience for both users & websites.